Development status of global and Chinese meat duck industry

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Global duck meat market could grow by $1,3 billion in three years

The duck meat market could grow by $1,3 billion over three years, according to market researchers from Technavio. Last year, the global market for duck meat expanded by 2.09% supported by increased demand from APAC countries such as China, Japan, and Malaysia. 80% of the market’s growth originated from APAC in 2019. Factors such as increasing health awareness, the convenience offered by processed meats, and the expansion of fast-food chains are driving the growth of the market in APAC. according to the analysts, market growth in this region will be faster than the growth of the market in the Middle East and Africa. Based on the product, the market saw maximum growth in the fresh duck meat segment.

Development status of global and Chinese meat duck industry


China market downturn, overcapacity problem is serious!

After the outbreak of African swine fever, white-feathered ducks are the fastest-expanding poultry species among poultry species. The breeding duck population reached a peak in early 2020.

However, with the recovery of pork production capacity and the reduction of duck meat consumption in 2021, white-feathered ducks suffered the most. After suffering serious losses, duck breeding companies actively or passively adjusted the production capacity and the scale of breeding ducks, resulting in a decline in the overall scale of the industry. Although the market has improved temporarily, the overall market trend of meat duck is still bleak. The related meat duck hatching and slaughtering sector is also facing serious overcapacity. At present, compared with the sharply reduced terminal market demand, the total amount of breeding ducks and commercial duck breeding is still very large, and the entire industrial chain of the industry has suffered losses throughout the year. In 2022, the operating pressure of breeding enterprises will still be relatively large, the recovery of pork production capacity, and the point-like outbreak of the epidemic will all affect the price of duck meat products. It is expected that the meat duck market will be sluggish overall in 2022, and the entire industry needs to further regulate production capacity to adapt to the market conditions.


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