Webinar on "Meat Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Technology" Successfully Held

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On April 13, 2022, hosted by the National Engineering Research Center for Biological Feed Development and co-organized by Beijing Challenge Group, the 'Webinar on Raw Material Evaluation and Efficient Utilization for Meat Poultry ' was successfully held. This webinar was broadcast live by Boya Media Platform. The conference specially invited industry experts as keynote speakers, namely Dr. Zhao Feng from the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. Yan Lei from the Feed Research Institute of New Hope Group. At the same time, Dr. Zhang Guangmin, chief scientist of the National Engineering Research Center for Biological Feed Development, also attended as a keynote speaker.

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As the co-organizer of this webinar, Challenge Group specially prepared gifts such as portable water dispensers and neck massagers for participating audiences. Online audiences actively participated and interacted enthusiastically. The webinar has nearly 70,000 viewers and nearly 20,000 interactors. The audience is distributed in various provinces, cities and regions across the country. Everyone expressed their strong interest and value in the content of this seminar.

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At this meeting, the Challenge Group and the National Engineering Research Center for Biofeed Development invited industry experts to discuss the metabolism of meat poultry and the standard digestible amino acid system, the feed material database, the new technology of enzyme preparation to reduce dietary protein, and the precise use of unconventional raw materials to replace soybean meal. It provides technical guidance for feed and breeding enterprises to optimize the diet formula, reduces the adverse impact of raw material fluctuations on feed quality and safety, and helps enterprises save more costs in raw material procurement and precision breeding. In the future, the Challenge Group will continue to practice public welfare undertakings in the industry, boost the development of the feed industry and animal husbandry, and create greater value for customers and society!

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