Headlines | Promax® Research Published in 'Agriculture

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Challenge Group's Promax® Protease Research Published in 'Agriculture'

Recently, in a groundbreaking development, the Feed Resources and Biotransformation Innovation Team at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has conducted an extensive evaluation of the application of Challenge Group's revolutionary Promax® Protease in broiler chicken diets with varying crude protein levels. 


Headlines | Challenge Group's Promax® Protease Research Published in 'Agriculture'

The research unequivocally demonstrates that low-protein diets adversely affect broiler chickens' growth performance, compromise their immune systems, and lead to a significant increase in abdominal fat levels. However, the introduction of Challenge Group's Promax® Protease into the feed has emerged as a game-changer. This remarkable enzyme significantly enhances the digestibility of amino acids, resulting in remarkable improvements in broiler chicken growth performance. Astonishingly, these enhancements are achieved without any detrimental effects on body conformation or overall health.

Headlines | Challenge Group's Promax® Protease Research Published in 'Agriculture'


Furthermore, the research reveals that both the reduction of crude protein levels in the diet and the incorporation of Challenge Group's Promax® Protease contribute to the reduction of fecal nitrogen emissions. It is important to note that these two strategies work independently and do not exhibit any interactive effects, offering flexibility in addressing environmental concerns while optimizing poultry production.

This groundbreaking study confirms the efficacy of incorporating Promax® Protease into broiler chicken diets, offering a promising solution to enhance protein digestibility in poultry feed. As a result, this research has the potential to revolutionize the poultry industry, leading to more efficient and sustainable broiler production practices. The significance of these findings is underscored by their recent publication in the prestigious journal 'Agriculture.'

Promax® Protease stands as a testament to Challenge Group's commitment to innovation. Developed by the Challenge Group's Research Institute, this feed protease represents a breakthrough in enzyme technology. Its efficient production is realized through a cutting-edge expression system based on Pichia pastoris, which has undergone rigorous optimization and fine-tuning. This new product not only offers a viable solution for improving protein utilization in animal feed but also plays a pivotal role in alleviating the persistent supply challenges associated with soybean meal in the livestock industry.

In summary, Challenge Group's Promax® Protease promises to enhance poultry growth and health, reduce environmental impact, and secure the future of sustainable poultry production.

Headlines | Challenge Group's Promax® Protease Research Published in 'Agriculture'

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