Challen GOX™ Glucose Oxidase

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Challen GOX™ Glucose Oxidase

Challen GOX is a glucose oxidase developed by Beijing Challenge Group and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Challen GOX has good heat resistance and enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency, and can efficiently catalyze β-D-glucose to gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide in animal digestive tract. Challenge Group is the first enterprise in China to promote glucose oxidase in the feed breeding industry.


Glucose oxidase can catalyze the reaction of glucose and oxygen to generate gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide, and has significant antibacterial and bactericidal effects. At present, glucose oxidase has become an ideal substitute for some antibiotics. A large number of animal tests have proved that Challen GOX can effectively control animal bacterial diarrhea, reduce the harm of mycotoxins to animal organisms, and improve animal production performance.

Product Specifications:

Enzyme activity: 1,000 U/g, 5,000U/g, 10,000U/g

Appearance: white powder

CAS number: 9001-37-0

Package: 25kg per bag


1. Consume oxygen in the intestines and produce gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide to inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria.

2. Maintain the integrity of intestinal epithelial cells, reduce the occurrence of diarrhea and disease, and improve growth performance.

3. Enhance the redox reaction of animal liver and relieve the body damage caused by mycotoxins.

4. Reduce the use of acidifiers and antibiotics and save feed costs.


Recommended dosage: 200-300 U/kg of complete feed, included either directly or via a premix. 

This product is widely used in poultry and livestock. Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information regarding the use of our products.



Challen GOX™ Glucose Oxidase