EcoYeast ™ Yeast Culture

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EcoYeast ™ Yeast Culture

EcoYeast (Yeast Culture) is a unique micro-ecological product that is produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae through a series of technologies such as solid-state fermentation (SSF), controlled autolysis, low-temperature drying. EcoYeast contains a rich variety of biologically active substances, including proteins, small peptides, oligosaccharides, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and numerous ‘unknown growth factors’, which can all exert beneficial nutritional and health effects on animals.


With the growing demand for safe and high-quality food, there is an increased interest in growth-promoting feed additives for animal nutrition. Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate the potential growth performance and health benefits of Yeast Cultures in animals. Yeast Cultures have important positive effects on the balance of gastrointestinal flora, intestinal mucosal structure and immunity in animals. Previous research has shown that dietary supplementation with Yeast Cultures (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) enhances animal nutrition and health, increases body weight and feed efficiency, and boosts the animal's immune system.

Product Specifications:

Appearance: yellow-brown powder

Composition: Grain by-products, Molasses, Yeast metabolites.

Functional active substances: Oligosaccharides, Organic acid, Nucleotide, Small peptide, Enzymes, Immunomodulatory factor and Unknown growth factor,

Package: 25kg per bag


1. Improve palatability and digestibility of diet, and animal production performance.

2. Regulate the balance of intestinal flora and anti-stress.

3. Promote intestinal tissue development and morphological structure integrity.

4. Increase the body immunity and disease resistance.


Recommended dosage: 1.0-2.5 kg/mt of compound feed or concentrate feed, included either directly or via a premix. 

This product is widely used in poultry, livestock, aquaculture and ruminant. Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information regarding the use of our products.



EcoYeast ™ Yeast culture