PECOZYME™ Highly efficient Phytase

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PECOZYME™ Highly efficient Phytase

PECOZYME™ highly efficient phytase is a new generation of natural heat-resistant and high-efficiency phytase developed by the Challenge Group Research Institute. The enzyme is selected from thermotolerant microorganisms improved by molecular breeding. It not only has super heat resistance, but also has super enzymatic hydrolysis effect on phytate phosphorus in feed.


Based on the database obtained from the simulated digestive system, highly efficient phytase has better substrate affinity and enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency, and can release more inorganic phosphorus and nutrients, thereby saving more calcium hydrogen phosphate in the diet. This product will further improve the breeding level, reduce environmental pollution caused by phosphorus emissions, and provide an efficient and healthy breeding solution for animal husbandry.

Product Specifications:

Enzyme activity: 10,000 U/g

Appearance: off-white granules

CAS number: 37288-11-2 

Package: 25kg per bag 


1. Higher enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency

2. Faster reaction rate and stronger substrate affinity.

3. Reduce the use of dicalcium phosphate and save feed cost.

4. Release more nutrients bound by phytate and have a higher matrix value.


Recommended dosage: 300-1500 U/kg of complete feed, included either directly or via a premix. 

This product is widely used in poultry and livestock. Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information regarding the use of our products.



PECOZYME™ Highly efficient phytase