PECOZYME™ Liquid Phytase

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PECOZYME™ Liquid Phytase

PECOZYME™ Liquid Phytase is a new liquid product developed by Challenge Group. This product adopts liquid submerged fermentation technology and excellent post-processing technology, and has the characteristics of high activity and high stability. 


Liquid phytase is especially used in pelleted feeds to avoid the negative effects of high temperature pelleting conditions on enzyme activity. Liquid phytase has good stability and can be sprayed evenly on the feed surface to improve the utilization of phosphorus in pelleted feed, thereby increasing the utilization of phosphorus and other nutrients in poultry feed or livestock feed.

Product Specifications:

Enzyme activity: 5,000 U/ml, 10,000 U/ml, 20,000 U/ml and 50,000 U/ml

Appearance: brown pellucid liquid

CAS number: 37288-11-2 

Package: 20kg per drum 


1. Improve the utilization rate of phosphorus, replace some inorganic phosphorus in the feed, and save feed costs .

2. Improve the utilization rate of nutrients such as starch, protein, amino acids, and trace elements.

3. Save dietary formula space and make formula production more flexible.

4. Reduce the phosphorus content in animal manure and reduce environmental pollution.


Recommended dosage:300-2000 U/kg of complete feed, sprayed after pelleting. 

This product is widely used in poultry and livestock. Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information regarding the use of our products.



PECOZYME™ Liquid Phytase