Quenching Enzyme

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Quenching Enzyme

Quenching enzyme is a special feed additive for aquatic animals produced by liquid submerged fermentation. This product contains active protein factors (AHLs), probiotics, antiviral factors, immune boosters and other biologically active substances, which can reduce and eliminate the pathogenicity of pathogenic bacteria and improve animal health. The quenching enzyme has good tolerance and stability, and can adapt to the digestive tract environment of aquatic animals and the special processing technology of aquatic feed.


Quorum sensing is widespread in nature. Quenching enzymes can hydrolyze the lactone ring of AHL to acylated homoserine, thereby interfering with bacterial quorum sensing, disrupting bacterial biofilm formation, regulating gene expression, and reducing exotoxin production. The application of quenching enzymes in feed can reduce the use of antibiotics in aquaculture, especially for diseases caused by Aeromonas hydrophila. A large number of aquatic animal experiments have shown that quenching enzymes can reduce freshwater aquaculture diseases, improve the survival rate and the economic benefits of aquaculture.

Product Specifications:

Active substances: Protein factors, probiotics, anti-toxic factors, immune boosters, etc.

Appearance: White or light-yellow powder

Package: 25kg per bag


1. Promote intestinal health and improve the immune function of aquatic animals;

2. Improve the sensitivity of Gram-negative bacteria in aquatic animals to antibiotics and reduce the use of antibiotics;

3. Reduce freshwater aquaculture diseases, improve survival rate and economic benefits.


Recommended dosage: 500 g/mt of complete feed, included either directly or via a premix. 

This product is widely used in aquaculture. Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information regarding the use of our products.



Quenching Enzyme