New Grain Enzyme

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New Grain Enzyme

New Grain Enzyme is a compound enzyme product developed by the Challenge Group Research Institute, which is specially used for new grain raw materials. In the evaluation of simulated digestive systems and actual production applications, New Grain Enzyme can significantly improve the utilization efficiency of new grains by livestock and poultry, and reduce the adverse effects of resistant starch.


The newly harvested grain crops such as corn and wheat are still in the mature stage when they are harvested, with strong physiological metabolism and poor quality stability. At present, in the case of shortage of energy feed raw materials, new grains are widely used in feed. However, the extensive use of new grains can cause adverse effects on animal health, such as loose stools, diarrhea, slow growth, and poor production performance. New Grain Enzyme can reduce the adverse effects of new grains on animals, reduce animal diarrhea, and at the same time increase formula flexibility and reduce feeding costs.

Product Specifications:

Appearance: light yellow or brown powder

Composition: protease, α-amylase, β-mannanase, xylanase, β-glucanase, cellulase, pectinase

Package: 25kg per bag

Problems solved by New Grain Enzyme:

1. Starch in new cereal grains has no post-ripening process, which hinders the digestion and utilization of starch.

2. The cell wall of new cereal grains is relatively intact, which hinders the release and absorption of nutrients

3. Arabinoxylan content is high! The xylan content was over 4.4% in new corn and 5.8% in new wheat.

4. The soluble NSP content of new cereal grains is high, which increases the viscosity of chyme and hinders the binding of endogenous enzymes with nutrients

5. Both new corn and new wheat contain high proportions of zein and gliadin, which leads to low protein digestibility.


Recommended dosage: 200-400 g/mt of complete feed, included either directly or via a premix. 

This product is widely used in poultry and livestock feed containing new corn or new wheat. Contact us or your nearest distributor for more information regarding the use of our products.



New Grain Enzyme